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Zhejiang Nanyang Jinggong Hotel Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Landline: 0570-5686888
Fax: 0570-5686880
Mobile: 13957817275 (Wang Qiang)
Address: No. 27, Hengsheng Road, Jinchuan Street, Changshan County
Email: lily@kingochina.com
Website: www.kingocn.com

Zhejiang Nanyang Jinggong Hotel Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Nanyang Precision was established in 1991 and has a history of 30 years.

The main products are hotel buffet utensils, kitchen utensils, juice dispensers, coffee pots, warm lamps, buffet plates, table buffet utensils...

Nanyang Seiko serves the prosperous catering industry with its rich products and has a better understanding of hotel business and market rules.

With its 30 years of rich knowledge and experience in professional manufacturing and sales, we firmly believe that high-quality raw materials, sophisticated modeling tools and equipment, advanced production lines and excellent employees are the source of excellent product quality.

With its excellent management and stable development of the market, the company continuously collects feedback from sales staff across the country, continuously develops new products, survives the fierce domestic market competition, and meets the various needs of customers. Nanyang Precision will always provide customers with Stable product supply and service.