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Enter the world of coffee pot

Coffee pot, a container used to hold coffee, is widely used in many beverage industries at present, and can be widely used in hotels, cafeterias, banquets, milk tea shops and other places.

If you understand this, you must also understand the coffee machine. There are two types currently on the market:

1. The high-quality fully automatic coffee machine brews coffee in accordance with the most scientific data and procedures, and is equipped with a complete protection system. It is convenient to use, and you can get coffee with just one tap. Its convenience Products superior to traditional coffee machines.

The structure is more complex, requires good maintenance, and the high maintenance cost is the disadvantage of this machine. However, the automatic coffee machine is convenient, fast, consistent quality, high efficiency, and the outstanding advantages of the operator without training make it more and more popular with customers.

Manufacturers are mostly fully automatic coffee machines produced in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other countries, with a wide variety of products. Among them, the fully automatic coffee machine made in Switzerland is ingenious and unique in design. Fully automatic coffee machines made in Italy, simple appearance, stable and reliable quality, and are well-known in the international coffee machine industry.

2. Semi-automatic coffee machine, commonly known as handle machine, is a traditional Italian coffee machine. This kind of machine follows manual operation to grind powder, press powder, fill powder, brew, and remove residue manually. Such machines include small single-head household machines, double-head, three-head large commercial machines, etc. The newer machines are also equipped with electronic water volume control, which can accurately and automatically control the water volume for brewing coffee.

This type of machine is mainly produced in Italy and is very popular in Italy. Its main features are: the machine is simple in structure, reliable in work, easy to maintain, and can produce high-quality Italian coffee according to the correct usage method. The disadvantages of this machine are also advantages: the operator must be strictly trained to make high-quality coffee with this machine, and excellent baristas can provide customized coffee.

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