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The background of the buffet plate

Do you know the origin of the buffet?

According to legend, this was the first way to eat meals adopted by pirates at that time, and there are still many cafeterias around the world named after&"Pirate GG". The pirates are wild and unruly, so that they hate those dining etiquette and rules when they dine, and only ask the restaurant to use the various meals and drinks they need.Buffet plateServe it, concentrate on the table, and let them drink and eat unscrupulously.

The pirates’ special dining style was initially regarded as an uncivilized phenomenon by people, but over time, people felt that this way also had many benefits. For customers, they were not restricted when they dine, and they wanted to eat whatever they wanted. Take as much food as you want, and take as much as you eat. For the hotel operator, because the customer's table service is omitted, a lot of labor and manpower are naturally saved, which can reduce the use of waiters and reduce the cost of employment for the enterprise .

Therefore, this self-service dining style quickly became popular in European and American countries, and with the continuous pursuit of food, the form of buffet has gradually developed from pre-dinner cold food and breakfast to lunch and dinner; from light meals to various Themed buffets, such as Valentine’s Day buffet, Christmas buffet, weekend family buffet, celebration buffet, wedding buffet, gourmet festival buffet, etc.; according to the supply method, traditional guests will eat, and the finished dishes will be cooked on-site before the guests. Freshly cooked and ready-to-eat food has even developed into a self-cooked&"home-made GG" buffet.

This way of eating is also an evolution of the hygienic trend. The use of split food system has also become the current high-end banquet dining method.

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